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Garett Bischoff

Meet SDI’s Garett Bischoff!

While viewing the Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI) Facebook page or Instagram account, you will encounter pictures and videos of Garett Bischoff. A man of his stature, sporting a mohawk and possessing the charisma of a television announcer, is something that you do not miss. Garett is SDI’s Chair of Public Relations and he has worked very hard to get here.

Garett grew up just north of Scottsdale, Arizona, in a small town called Cave Creek. He keeps his roots there but in the last ten years, Garett has traveled all over the globe. Mr. Bischoff began his professional career by attending the Motorcycle Mechanic Institute and graduating with certifications in Late Model Harley Davidson’s and VRods. This marked the end of his motorcycle mechanic career and the beginning of painting and construction. Starting out as a commercial and residential painter, it was not long until Garett was running his own crew. Garett’s family had a house in Cody, Wyoming, and this presented an opportunity to travel, so he found work there and began to run painting crews in Wyoming and Arizona. While working in Arizona, he met his wife, a worker on one of his paint crews. As he describes it, “She was stuck in a painting bucket with me one day and had no choice but to get to know me. The rest is history.” This story could end here, but Garett had other ideas for his career.

Although Garett didn’t live like the child of a celebrity, he is professional wrestling royalty. His father, Eric Bischoff, is the former president of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), and former general manager of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Raw brand. He’s also notorious for being the guy that talked Hulk Hogan into going bad. Despite his father continuously trying to talk him out of it, Garett wanted to follow suit into the wrestling industry, and after years of training, he got his shot with KnokX Pro Wrestling Academy. Garett did not want to rest on his laurels and decided to change his name to avoid looking like he had a silver spoon in the wrestling industry. He wanted to prove himself and he did. Getting his first shot as a referee for TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV, he proved he had the right stuff to wrestle. Eventually, the story broke that he was Eric Bischoff’s son and it was time to step into the ring.

Garett’s wrestling career was a success and lasted five years. You can find his highlights all over the internet, and one of his favorites is of Ric Flair elbow dropping him while he was on a stretcher. Garett has traveled all over the world as a wrestler, including two matches in Wembley Arena in London. Sensing his career coming to an end after a five-year run, Garett stumbled upon Sonoran Desert Institute and kept in touch with some of the staff. After a few months of expressing how much he liked the concept of the school, he was brought on to the Field Operations Team and his career at SDI began.

Garett, as always, kept it blue collar in terms of his work ethic at SDI. Just as he had done in his wrestling career, he wanted to prove his mettle by working his way up and not relying on any name recognition that he had from wrestling. He traveled the country as a representative for SDI, talking to potential students for the school and educating the general public. This job required a lot of time and effort and it paid off. It was not long before Garett was managing the Field Operations Team, and eventually, it was decided that Garett should manage the external appearance of the school as a whole. Thus, his role as Chair of Public Relations was earned.

Garett can now be found at some of the largest events in the country, making the SDI name a known commodity. He is singularly focused on the reputation of the school. Some of his proudest moments while on the Field Operations Team have been watching students succeed after his initial conversations with them, and that dedication toward student success drives his approach to the SDI brand.

Garett’s role as Chair of Public Relations is relatively new but his approach is not. He will continue to grind and prove his mettle with the dedication and work ethic he has shown throughout his professional career, and SDI is glad to have him as part of the team.