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Jennifer Blake Spotlight

SDI Advisory Board Spotlight: Jennifer Blake

Women are the fastest growing demographic among gun owners. According to NRA data, there has been a 77 percent increase between 2004 and 2011 in the number of women who own firearms. Plus, more than one-third of the women who participated in a recent survey by the National Sports Shooting Foundation identified themselves as new gun owners. These facts are no surprise to renowned firearm instructor Jennifer Blake, who is also a new and welcome addition to the Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI) Advisory Board.

“As our nation faces challenges with crime, personal protection, and defending our Second Amendment rights, women have a key and pivotal voice, and SDI is extremely honored to welcome Jennifer to our SDI Advisory Board,” said SDI Executive Director of Strategic Development, Wes LeMay. “Jennifer’s firearm experience and training will be a valuable asset to SDI in developing programs that welcome more women into the firearms industry and shooting sports.”

An NRA Life Member, Blake is the owner and operator of Ohio Firearms Training, and is a certified instructor in the Shoot Like A Girl program, which is dedicated to growing the number of women who participate in shooting sports by giving them the opportunity to do so in a safe, controlled environment.

She holds firearms qualifications in NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Basic Rifle, Personal Protection Inside the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, and as an NRA Training Counselor, NRA Refuse to Be a Victim regional counselor, and NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. Blake is also a conceal carry instructor in Ohio and Utah.

“I absolutely love shooting sports and hunting,” states Blake. “I take pride in training new or experienced shooters. I enjoy helping people receive their concealed carry permits and knowing I possibly helped keep them from becoming victims. I plan to further my education in firearms, [gain more] experience and continue to be active in the NRA. I take great pleasure in sharing my knowledge of hunting and outdoors, and learning from others.”

Her most recent accomplishments include becoming a sponsored shooter in the sport of 3-Gun and filming her hunts.