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We at the School of Firearms Technology have taken an active interest in aligning ourselves with like-minded people. Our students, faculty, business partners and media partners all share similar goals and ideals, so we encourage interaction among all of our followers and friends. Here are some ways to connect with SDI and its prestigious group of Media Partners:


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Check out some of our very own members with their own channels on the internet.



With more than half a million subscribers, Iraqveteran8888 is one of YouTube’s most prominent firearms-related channel. The Atlanta-based group from Moss Pawn produce videos about testing, troubleshooting and firing a variety of firearms.



Best known for his amazing trick shooting, 22Plinkster also specializes in accuracy, reloading, and troubleshooting. His colorful and entertaining trick shot videos make his a popular firearms channel, with nearly a quarter million subscribers to date.

Outside In

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Co-hosted by SDI School of Firearms Technology Chair Zeke Stout, Outside In is a radio show in the Nashville area featuring two unique characters that agree on a lot of topics, disagree on a lot of subjects and sometimes agree to disagree.



Do you want to take the confusion out of the field of firearms and ammunition? Our partners at the International Firearm Specialist Academy (IFSA) have done just that. Their program unscrambles the confusion of the firearms field in an easy step-by-step online program. This program provides the knowledge base to protect yourself from the dangers of injury, job stress, civil suit and lost court cases. Sign up to be one of the leaders in this technical field by becoming a Certified Firearm Specialist now!