Aklys Defense

Sonoran Desert Institute

Field Study Partner

9683 Mammoth Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70814

Aklys Defense

Website: http://www.aklysdefense.com

Length of Field study: Open

The student will work with industry professionals in Baton Rouge, LA and learn the ins and outs of the AR-15 platform, AK-47, ZK-22 and information about integrally suppressed firearms. For more information, please email FieldStudy@sdi.edu.

How To Apply:

  1. Fill out Field Study application
Email the following items to fieldstudy@sdi.edu once application has been submitted.

  1. Return completed and signed background Authorization form (Click here for form?)
  2. Photocopy of Drivers License
  3. Photocopy of Social Security Card
  4. SDI Records Release form (click here for form?)
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