What Our Students Say

Sonoran Desert Institute

What Our Students Say

We think Sonoran Desert offers the best distance learning education available…but don’t take our word for it! Choosing a school is a big decision, and one you should research as much as possible. We’ve always been confident in the happiness of our students and graduates—student satisfaction ratings consistently are in the 90% and above range—but to find out exactly what they think, we performed our own test. In April of 2013, we polled our students and graduates, asking them for their comments—good or bad—about the SDI curriculum, delivery, and overall experience. The results were both humbling and informative, and we’re sharing them with you so that you can hear opinions from the mouths of our students. Below is a sampling of what we found out.

“Overall, this is the best on-line gunsmith course that I have taken. I have taken four different gunsmith courses and this one is light years ahead of any course out there.”
– Joe W., November 2015

“I chose to attend SDI when I my hobby in firearms was turning into more of a lifestyle. Training and spending time on the range is a great way to gain skills but I want more, I want credentials that I can add to experience. As a woman veteran and single parent, the convenience and quality offered at SDI is superior. Not having to adjust my work schedule, lose time in the gym or on other hobbies will help me stay focused and confident in my course work. Enrolling at SDI was a pleasant experience and was a breeze. The staff is knowledgeable and really worked with me to get me started as quickly as possible. The course is very flexible to individuals and allows customization; this is unique with distance learning. I expect my time at SDI to be a very rewarding experience. I am proud to be a student at SDI.”
– Kimber K., January 2016

“I received my gunsmith certificate, I really did enjoy the course work and I often look back at the course materials. I plan on completing the firearms science degree using my Post 911 G.I. Bill and also opening a full service gun shop in the future. Thank you SDI, you really helped me gain the knowledge I needed to start my own business.”
– Marquitos T., April 2013

The Gunsmithing Program that I took was outstanding. In my opinion, the study material and lab equipment was excellent. The staff was all was ready to help if you needed it. I do not believe you need to improve anything. I would recommend SDI to anyone wishing to learn about firearms repair.”
– Jeff R., September 2015

“I am currently on my last semester of the FAT (Firearms Technology) degree program. I have already registered and received my FFL and city business licenses for a part-time firearms refinishing business. I have refinished three firearms for customers to date and have repaired several others. SDI has been a great asset to me as I prepare for a full-time, post military business. Thank you so much for your support of me and my fellow service members!”
– Andy S., April 2013

“Sonoran Desert Institute’s School of Firearms Technology is perfect whether you’re an at home hobbyist looking to further your skills in gunsmithing, or if you’re looking to make a career out of it. The courses are easy to follow along with, and the staff is quick to help with any issues or questions. They have different levels of certification to help cater to your individual goals, from a basic certificate to a college degree. I highly recommend SDI to anyone who is serious about gunsmithing, and look forward to taking more courses with them.”
– Justin D., September 2015

“I loved the Gunsmithing program from the beginning. It is an exceptional program that was recommended to by a co-worker of mine who completed the program last year. I have in-turn recommended the program to another co-worker who really enjoys learning about fixing guns. Your new on-line test a great improvement for test submissions. Keep up the outstanding work.”
– Kelly C., April 2013

“I think what I like best about the SDI Gunsmith program is the tools that are sent with the lab lessons. I looked at several gunsmith classes before deciding on SDI. I believe it is the best hands on experience you can get to learn the skills that are being taught in the lessons….plus, they are yours to use when and if you start working in the field. And, they are quality tools, not some cheap throw away ones that break during the first use! Keep up the great work and thanks.”
– Gary Y., April 2013

“I was quite impressed with the technical information contained in the SDI lessons. It was easy to understand, complete, and the flow of information made sense with the lab work requirements.”
– Roy S., September 2015

“The staff at SDI was great and I always talked to a person every time I called with a question. Today my education from SDI has helped broaden my technical skill and professional development as an armorer in the U.S. military and has also helped me pursue an apprenticeship with local gunsmiths in my area.”
– Joshua D., April 2013

“I thought the course was great. It was well developed, at my pace, and the material was easy to understand. The best thing about SDI is the ability to understand how important it is to offer distance learning to people who are serious about firearms technology but not ready to devote serious money and travel to a gunsmith program. The price is pretty reasonable too.”
– Richard A., September 2015

“I love the Gunsmithing Certificate program given at the Sonoran Desert Institute. It provides you with everything you need to learn the essentials for gunsmithing. The program also gives you more than enough time to complete all the work given. There is no rush on anything and no pressure. The program gives you the freedom to study and learn on your own time at your own pace. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in this program or any other program provided by the Sonoran Desert Institute.”
– Edwin G., April 2013

“With my current course work on getting my gunsmithing certification I plan on on swinging into full action and opening a gun shop. The great thing is I can use my GI Bill to continue my education in firearms technology. Thanks SDI!”
– Mike M., April 2013

“I loved how fast the instructor would get back to you on questions you had and with the grades of the classes. I liked it so much I have told a few friends about it and they are waiting to get back from deployment to enroll in the school. Great tools and books were sent with everything else. One of the best classes ever taken.”
– Dustin C., April 2013

“I came into the program at SDI just having ETS from Fort Bragg, NC. I was already familiar with firearms, or so I thought. After receiving the material I began to realize how much more went into the realm of gunsmithing. I have enjoyed learning and gaining more knowledge as I finish up my degree. I will recommend SDI to anyone wanting to study gunsmithing.”
– John K., April 2013

“Your professionalism in the online education presentation was greatly appreciated. I had several schools ask for my time, but I felt SDI was the best and after enrolling I knew I had made a good choice. I do look forward to advancing my education with SDI into the Associate degree program of Firearms technology. Thank you for what you do, I think other schools should pattern their philosophy after yours.”
– Rob R., April 2013

Disclaimer: The above are student opinions and may be based on specific programs within the School of Firearms Technology. It is important to note that some programs do have weekly schedule requirements and that not all programs are approved for use of military benefits. For questions on specific program offerings, please contact us at admissions@sdi.edu.