2022 Stocking Stuffers for Firearms Lovers

  • Joey Upper

There’s a lot of literature out there on the merits of giving, rather than receiving, during the Christmas season. There is, however, significantly less said about the existential crisis that brews in one’s mind when shopping for someone difficult to buy for.

While we can’t give you total relief on that score, here are some quick and easy gift ideas for the firearms lover in your life.

Or for yourself. We aren’t going to judge.

1. Ammunition

Ammunition may be “here today, gone tomorrow” for most of our firearms enthusiasts out there and therefore might not be as obvious an idea as others, but the gift of ammunition comes with a near-certainty: your giftee is going to use this gift.

It might not feel personal, but as long as you know their caliber of choice (or cartridge of choice, if they or their gun is picky) you can give the gift of ballistic ecstasy.

My personal choice for nearly all ammunition purchases is Outdoor Limited. Ludicrously cheap and local to me, they currently have 9mm ammo as cheaply as $0.22 a round. They ship, too!

2. Magazine Speed Loader

Image courtesy of MakerShot’s Listing at Amazon.com.

If you’re like me and ever referred to your hands as “crappy” you may want to take a look at a magazine speed-loader.

There was once a day when I felt that the use of a speed loader was for, well, scrubs. But no longer. Once you get your hands on a Sig P365 XL and the herculean effort required to fill each magazine to capacity, a little outside help feels less cheap.

Which is ironic, because cheap is exactly what this gift is.

My speed loader cost me $13.99 on Amazon, plus tax. The company that manufactured mine, pictured above, is MakerShot. Look up “MakerShot Magazine Speed Loaders,” and you’ll get there.

Mine has done exactly what I needed it to, and I happily recommend it to anyone else interested. That’s an easy gift!

3. Gun Industry Magazine Subscription

Do I even need to say anything? Look at that price, man. $10 a year for Guns & Ammo magazine.

Print magazines are not the juggernaut they once were, but it’s a gift likely to be used, and one that reminds the giftee of you once a month, all year long.

They absolutely should read each issue, but even if they don’t – it’s a famous, well-liked magazine. Put that sucker on a coffee table and your giftee’s guests will know that their host is just a little better than they are. Their gun savvy is a little deeper and more serious.

It’s hard to beat a $10 Guns & Ammo Magazine subscription when it comes to quality and price.

What gift idea did we miss out on? Share this on the social media platform of your choice and let us know!

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