“SDI has given me the knowledge and resources to help me accomplish the career I was aiming for. Now I am a shotgun technician for a reputable company and I enjoy going to work every day. Thank you, SDI for making it possible.”

– Rodeo McCumber, 2023 SDI Graduate, Associate Of Science In Firearms Technology Degree


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Attract and retain top talent with a specialized tuition reimbursement plan. Show current employees and new hires how your company culture and learning programs connect them to their professional aspirations.

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SDI is a DEAC accredited college that combines online modern instruction methods together with hands-on labs from home. Students experience online simulations plus get physical materials sent to them directly in the mail.

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SDI specializes in firearms and uncrewed curriculum and instruction, but the skills students learn also include problem solving, research, time management, and more, which help prepare students for success in any industry.

Tuition Reimbursement For Academic Programs

Combine hands-on training with the flexibility of learning from home. Students choose to study at whatever time of day works best but will still be able to engage with other online learners and instructors as a part of weekly assignment requirements.

Associate of Science In Firearms Technology Degree

Students enrolled in this program gain a complete understanding of firearms technology and how to navigate the unique and exciting firearms industry without having to travel or relocate. This 60-semester-hour program is the most comprehensive of SDI’s programs and is one of only a handful of firearms-specific degree programs in the nation. The program consists of 60 semester credit hours broken into 4, 16-week semesters.

Certificate in Firearms Technology – Gunsmithing

In this program, students learn gunsmithing techniques and practices, shooting sports management, and more. They’ll also complete a build of their choice. The program is broken into 2, 16-week semesters.

Certificate in Unmanned Technology – Aerial Systems

Students receive a solid foundation of historical, technical, and operational knowledge about unmanned aircraft systems. Students learn how unmanned aircraft systems are used by commercial businesses to make their operations more efficient, cost effective, and safer. The program consists of 16 semester credit hours broken into 1, 16-week semester.

Employers and employees love SDI’s degree and certificate programs

  • Specialized firearms and uncrewed curriculum
  • Flexible online instruction
  • Combines both virtual and hands-on learning
  • Experienced faculty
  • SDI is DEAC Accredited

What students are saying about SDI

“SDI has allowed me to take my passion and turn it into a profitable business. I recommend SDI to everyone who has an interest in firearms.”
– Andrew Maynard, 2023 SDI Graduate, Certificate In Firearms Technology – Gunsmithing

Attract and retain top talent and develop your employees with a firearms or unmanned technology tuition reimbursement plan.