2024 Firearms Resolutions

  • Jack Collins

Every January, many of us reassess our lives and look at how we can make things better. For some of us, that means eating better. For others, it means hitting the gym. And for a smaller part of the population, it means deciding on your firearms resolutions.

Firearms Resolutions for 2024

I’ve actually been thinking about this for the last few months, and I’ve come up with three main firearms-related resolutions for 2024. Hopefully they spark some inspiration for you to make your own.

Tighten Those Groupings

Like many people, I’m not always the best about training. I hit the range whenever I can, which could either be once every few weeks or once every few months.

This year, that’s changing. One of my firearms resolutions is to hit the range at least once every week. While my groupings aren’t terrible, they’re also not good. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that I often go shooting with friends who aren’t big gun people. I think solo range days will help me tighten up my groups past 15 yards.

Compete in a Match

This is sort of related to my first resolution. For my entire experience with firearms, I’ve been fascinated with what makes them tick. Figuring out how specific weapons systems function has been my main goal, since I have an analytical brain (even though it’s not particularly good at being analytical).

This year, I want to actually apply my guns to achieving a goal. Since I’m not about to ship out to a warzone, that leaves competing in a shooting match. I’m thinking about getting started with USDPA, and then moving into 3-Gun.

Get Into Historical Firearms

This Christmas, my uncle gifted me a Sauer & Sohn 38H that his father brought back from the Second World War. I love this thing, and now I’m feeling an itch I never knew was there. I’m definitely going to expand on my collection of old-school historical firearms in 2024. I think a Steyr Hahn may be next up on the list.

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