3 UAV Events To Get Connected At

  • Drew Poplin

If you are into all things UAV, you might be wondering if there are conferences where you can connect with professionals in the UAV industry. Never fear, for we are here to bring attention to some of the better-known UAV events out there!

I must mention before we start that the events mentioned are trade shows, so they are meant for industry professionals. Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be many opportunities for the general public to attend these conferences. However, I do have hope that more options will be available in the future. 

Interdrone 2022

The International Drone Conference and Exposition (Interdrone) is an event concerning all things commercial UAVs. The event offers lots of opportunities for connecting with other commercial pilots, engineers, manufacturers, and more. Last year they offered over 100 panels across 5 different conference “tracks”. There’s no information about when and where yet this year’s event will be held.

Click here for more information about the upcoming conference. 


AUVSI is an NPO (non-profit organization) based out of Arlington, VA. They claim to be the world’s largest NPO dedicated to advancing unmanned systems, robotics, and autonomy. XPONENTIAL is their trade show specifically meant for industry professionals, students, public safety professionals, and those working for the government or military. The 2022 event will take place April 25-28 in Orlando, FL, and is both virtual and in-person. Past attendees include giants such as AT&T, The Boeing Company, and the United States Navy.

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Energy Drone and Robotics Summit 2022

The 2022 edition of the Energy Drone and Robotics Summit is taking place June 20-22 in Houston, TX. It is described as the, “…largest event in the world for UAVs, Robotics & Data/AI/ML….” Like XPOTENTIAL, this is a hybrid event, meaning that it is available both online and in-person.

Some of this year’s forums include UAV Ops, Unmanned Cargo, Renewable Energy Robotics, and more. DOW, NRG, Shell, and other heavyweights of the energy market have all attended in the past. So if you are interested in rubbing shoulders with some major players in the industry, you should check it out.

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Are you disappointed by the lack of UAV events available for the general public? If you want to become an industry professional, start your journey with us!

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