Meet Ramsey Atieh, SDI’s New Advisory Council Member

  • SDI Admin

Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI) has made a new addition to its Advisory Council! Ramsey Atieh is currently president of American Business & Technology University, and while he has already been helping SDI with its curriculum, his influence and guidance as a member of the Advisory Council will be huge.

Ramsey attended Northwest Missouri State University as a football player on scholarship and received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education. His initial goal while attending school was to be a teacher, but Ramsey has gone on to do much more. After working for a few years as an advisor and mentor to student-athletes and as a coach on the football team, Ramsey decided to attend the University of Missouri, where he received his Doctorate in Education, focusing on educational leadership and policy analysis. Ramsey then stepped into the family business started by his father and brother—American Business and Technology University.

Ramsey’s role at the school initially was as the director of admissions, but it quickly expanded, and he now works as the university’s president. At American Business & Technology University, Ramsey has focused on student performance, dropout rates, and quality of classes, in addition to overseeing the philosophical direction of the school. One of the changes that he has made along the way is focusing on project-based learning over final examinations, which studies have found can lead to more retention of the material learned.

The role that Ramsey Atieh has played in the building of American Business and Technology University cannot be understated. In addition to focusing on his role as president, Ramsey developed the school’s enrollment processes, built tracking processes for student academic activity, and helped to develop individual programs. This dedication has certainly paid dividends as American Business and Technology University has become an impressively successful school.

Sonoran Desert Institute first sought Ramsey’s help three years ago. Since then, Ramsey has helped SDI with its enrollment processes and has personally gone through every single class offered by SDI in order to help refine its coursework. The overall goals and objectives of SDI’s program have become something of a labor of love for Ramsey and is something he is passionate about. “This is a really unique school with an excellent program and a fantastic student base. I really love what SDI has put together,” he said. Ramsey will continue to advise SDI into the future as the school seeks to stay ahead of the curve with the technology used to help students learn as well as with keeping the program updated to ensure student success.

The Atieh family includes Ramsey’s wife and 11-year-old son. They are a very active family and his son is a passionate trap and skeet shooter with his Mossberg® youth mini .410. When he is not working, Ramsey has been spending most of his time with his son, rebuilding a truck to haul his boat as the family takes part in their continuing outdoor adventures as well as turkey hunting in the mountains of Missouri.
SDI is lucky to have an expert of Ramsey’s caliber join such an accomplished Advisory Council and even more fortunate to have found such a good match for the school with his character and values. Welcome to the team, Ramsey Atieh!

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