A Lawyer and a Warrior

  • Joey Upper

High Achiever

Abdul Guice is a graduate of both our Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate program (2015) and our Associate of Science in Firearms Technology in 2018.

He’s also, well, a lot of other stuff.

Abdul Guice is a lawyer, veteran of two branches of the armed forces, FFL holder, former football player at Wake Forest University, pillar of his community, and SDI’s DEAC Outstanding Graduate for 2019.

“Abdul Guice is a veteran, family man, and a successful lawyer,” Mike Olson, SDI’s vice president of academic affairs, said.

“Now, thanks to Sonoran Desert Institute’s Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate and Associate of Science Degree in Firearms Technology, he has added ‘firearms industry business owner’ to his list of accomplishments!”

Guice’s ability to multi-task between two completely different industries is not unheard of within the firearms community, but how common is it to see a lawyer with a second job?

Not very.

“From 9a.m. to 5p.m. I’m an attorney, but I also own GLF Armory,” Guice said.

He’s also a Navy and Coast Guard veteran. The man either has done or is currently doing it all with an eager, earnest spirit.

A Father’s Lesson

“Abdul Guice learned early on that he would have to earn his achievements; his father taught him that nothing is owed,” Olson said of Guice.

“Abdul applied this lesson time and again by earning his degree at Wake Forest University, teaching high school, returning to graduate school to become a lawyer, and serving in the Navy and the Coast Guard.

“When it was time to extend his successes to his passion for firearms, Abdul attended Sonoran Desert Institute. … By applying the grit he learned as the son of a widowed school teacher … Guice managed to balance the duties of a young and growing family, full-time employment as a legal counselor, his education at SDI, and the stringent process of becoming a federally licensed firearms dealer.”

But enough of us bragging on Guice (for the moment). Guice had plenty to say about his time with us at SDI.

On SDI, and His Burgeoning Business

How can you not love the muzzleloader curriculum?

“My favorite experience at SDI was working on our muzzleloader,” Guice said. “It was a challenging experience, but it was a huge, huge reward.”

“His tenacity paid off,” Olson said. “The Guices had planned a marketing campaign for the small firearms shop Abdul opened with his wife, but through sheer word of mouth they’re already getting more business than they can handle!”

Already a veteran service member of his country, Guice also volunteers to serve his community.

“In addition to practicing law, fixing or building firearms at GLF Armory, LLC and spending time with his family, Abdul volunteers for an annual women’s self-defense program, providing legal advice on the escalation of force,” said Mike.

And on top of everything else he’s doing, the man is somehow learning welding.

He also helps with the NRA’s Continuing Legal Education Program and is planning to continue his development with welding training. Abdul Guice personifies the concepts of ‘lifelong learner’ and the commitment to continuous improvement.

Mike Olson

SDI and the DEAC aren’t the only ones who noticed, either. Colion Noir found Guice to be pretty interesting, adding another feather to his cap.

“After graduating from SDI, one of the coolest things I did was build a rifle for Colion Noir,” he said.

We’re thrilled to have Noir partnered with us within the industry. He represents us well.

“If I knew someone was interested in SDI, I would tell them to do it!” Guice said. “Go 100 percent in. It’s an awesome opportunity.”

He’s certainly made the most of it.

“You are only limited by your thoughts and actions,” Guice once said. “You are 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it.”

Abdul Guice is a 2018 SDI graduate.

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