Interaction Policy

SDI is committed to ensuring students take personal responsibility for achieving the learning objectives outlined within each course. To assist students in meeting that goal, the Institute requires students to participate by regularly accessing their course(s), substantively interacting with students and instructors through group discussions, and submitting all assignments and exams in a timely fashion. The purpose of substantive interaction is to promote understanding of topics and subject matter, which will enhance the educational experience for students. Students are encouraged to begin participation in the Discussion Board as soon as possible during each week of the term.

The following actions are considered academic activity, in alignment with Department of Education requirements:

  • Submission of assignment
  • Course-related discussions
  • Taking and/or submission of exam or quiz

Students are expected to establish participation by demonstrating academic activity within the first week of the course and are subject to course and/or institutional withdrawal or cancellation if there is no activity within 7 calendar days of the course start date. Throughout the term, students must participate in such a way as to ensure successful completion of the course by the course end date. Course acceleration is not permitted. Submitting work prior to its due date (accelerating) does not replace the need to participate each week to avoid penalties including impact to grades, being dropped from the course, and/or withdrawal from the institution. Bulk assignment submissions after periods of inactivity are not recommended since students are expected to keep pace with the weekly course guidelines. SDI does not have an add/drop period.

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