A former student of Sonoran Desert Institute is subject to enrollment policies and admissions review of the student’s record/history with the Institute. Completion requirements for the student’s program will be determined by the Institute’s current catalog. A student re-enrolling with SDI is responsible for all course/program tuition and fees in addition to any previous outstanding account balance with the Institute.

Voluntary Withdrawals

A returning student who voluntarily withdrew from the Institute and returns within 1 year from the last date of attendance may be readmitted under the prior enrollment agreement by contacting the ReEntry Representative at If a voluntarily withdrawn student chooses to return after 1 year from the last date of attendance, the student must submit a new application for admittance under the current program version requirements including graduation requirements, tuition and fees.

Administrative Withdrawals

If a student was administratively withdrawn for lack of course participation/attendance, the student should submit a request to resume program via email with an explanation of what has changed that will enable the student to successfully complete the program.

Administrative Dismissal

All administrative dismissals from the Institute are permanent. A student who has been dismissed is not eligible for re-entry with SDI.

Maximum Start Date Changes

SDI reserves the right to limit the number of times a student may change their start date once admitted to a program of study.

Generally speaking, a student will be denied admission after changing start dates three times.

Re-enrollment Policy for Service Members

Students withdrawing from a program due to military service requirements must inform their designated Student Success Coach of the date of withdrawal. Documentation of military service must be provided as far in advance as is reasonable under the circumstances of the military service, or it can be provided upon re-enrollment if not available prior. In circumstances where advanced notice is not required due to classified operations or other reasons precluded by military necessity, the student may alternatively provide an attestation of the classified nature of the operations including the dates of such service.

SDI will honor all federal guidelines regarding re-enrollment including the following:

  • Students will be re-enrolled with the same satisfactory academic progress status as when they withdrew.
  • Students will be re-enrolled in the same program (or most similar program if the same program is no longer available) unless the student selects a different program.
  • Students will be re-enrolled at the same point in the program and with the same enrollment status (unless the student chooses a different enrollment status).
  • Students will be re-enrolled with the same number of credit hours previously completed unless re-enrolled to a different program where those credits are not transferable.
  • Students must also give oral or written notice to their Student Success Coach of their intent to return to the school within three years after the completion of the period of service unless otherwise excused as outlined in the federal guidelines, or will follow the Re-enrollment Policy for Service Members, and the cumulative length of absences for military service cannot exceed five years.

Please refer to Volume 2, Chapter 3 of the Federal Student Aid Handbook for complete guidelines and definitions.

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