Student Identity Verification Policy and Procedures



To protect the integrity of the school and its graduates, Sonoran Desert Institute requires that students validate their identity during the admissions process and throughout their program of study. This includes validating identity prior to admittance and completion of periodic proctored assessments.


Proctored Assessments

SDI requires students to complete periodic proctored assessments to protect the integrity of the school and its graduates. Courses with proctored assessments are identified on the course homepage in the online classroom. You may contact your instructor with any questions.

Assessments require use of a computer, webcam, and internet access. A student who does not own a personal webcam may use one at a local library, recreation center, or similar facility.

Guidelines for Proctoring:

  • Student must show photo identification to the proctor.
  • Details on what materials and resources may be used during a proctored assessment will be available as part of the proctoring instructions in the relevant course materials.
  • Alternative in-person proctored assessments can be arranged upon request. Contact your instructor for more information.