Academic Calendar

Sonoran Desert Institute

Academic Calendar

SDI’s online classroom is generally available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the most flexibility to student.

Term/Semester Dates

SDI offers courses beginning every month. Semesters/Terms are generally 16 weeks in length, as indicated below.

Term Start Date Term End date
1/16/2017 5/7/2017
2/20/2017 6/11/2017
3/20/2017 7/9/2017
4/24/2017 8/13/2017
5/15/17 9/3/17
6/19/17 10/8/17
7/17/17 11/5/17
8/14/17 12/3/17
9/11/17 12/31/17
10/16/17 2/4/18
11/13/17 3/4/18
12/18/17 4/8/18

Federal Student Aid (FSA) Academic Years

Students interested in Federal Student Aid (FSA) must establish the academic year during which they wish to receive aid. The academic year at SDI is two (2) 16-week semesters in length. The table below provides dates for SDI semesters available to students receiving FSA and indicates how they are combined into academic years for FSA purposes.

AY Begin Date AY End Date 1st Semester Start 1st Semester End 2nd Semester Start 2nd Semester End
16-Jan-17 3-Sep-17 16-Jan-17 7-May-17 15-May-17 3-Sep-17
20-Feb-17 8-Oct-17 20-Feb-17 11-June-17 29-June-17 8-Oct-17
20-Mar-17 5-Nov-17 20-Mar-17 9-Jul-17 17-Jul-17 5-Nov-17
24-Apr-17 10-Dec-17 24-Apr-17 13-Aug-17 21-Aug-17 10-Dec-17
15-May-17 31-Dec-17 15-May-17 3-Sep-17 11-Sep-17 31-Dec-17
19-Jun-17 4-Feb-18 19-Jun-17 8-Oct-17 16-Oct-17 4-Feb-18
17-Jul-17 4-Mar-18 17-Jul-17 5-Nov-17 13-Nov-17 4-Mar-18
14-Aug-17 1-Apr-18 14-Aug-17 3-Dec-17 11-Dec-17 1-Apr-18
11-Sep-17 29-April-18 11-Sep-17 31-Dec-17 8-Jan-18 29-Apr-18
16-Oct-17 3-Jun-17 16-Oct-17 4-Feb-18 12-Feb-18 3-Jun-18
13-Nov-17 1-Jul-18 13-Nov-17 4-Mar-18 12-Mar-18 1-Jul-18
18-Dec-17 5-Aug-18 18-Dec-17 8-Apr-18 16-Apr-18 5-Aug-18