AE Lock on DJI Drones: A Cinematographer’s Ally

  • Drew Poplin

When using your drone as a cinematographer, it is imperative that you master control over your lighting. Luckily, DJI has incorporated a feature that helps you with just that. Kyle from Stay Gold Visuals explains the ins and outs of AE Lock and how to properly apply it.

What Is AE Lock?

AE Lock, or Auto Exposure Lock, is a feature on DJI drones that is designed for those situations where maintaining consistent exposure is vital. It enables its operator to maintain a uniform exposure and is especially useful when navigating through diverse lighting conditions. For example, if you were to fly from the bright outside into a dark cave for a shot, the lighting would most certainly change.

How to Set Up AE Lock

In order to activate this feature, you must set your function (FN) button to AE Lock. To do this, simply:

  • Access the settings by clicking on the three dots located at the top of the controller’s interface.
  • Navigate to the ‘control’ tab.
  • Proceed to ‘button customization.’
  • Find an option labeled ‘press’—this is where you can assign the AE Lock feature.
  • Select AE Lock from the available options.



This configuration ensures that AE Lock is readily accessible, allowing pilots to engage the feature effortlessly as they maneuver through different lighting scenarios.

Find Out More

AE Lock is a great tool for any DJI owner who wishes to capture footage with their drone. To find out more tips from Stay Gold Visuals, you can view our playlist here.

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