American Gunsmith Writing Contest

Sonoran Desert Institute

SDI Student Writing Contest in Partnership with American Gunsmith Magazine

We would like to introduce a very exciting writing opportunity for the American Gunsmith magazine! American Gunsmith (AG) is a monthly (digital and in-print), ad-free publication for all professional and hobbyist gunsmiths which serves as a technical journal covering all aspects of gunsmithing. Writers and readers include custom builders, independent and chain repair shops, and hobbyists. Topics of interest cover all facets of gun work, including repairs, customization projects, tools and tool making, and business issues. The goal is to offer the experience of the author in the most direct manner possible. Sonoran Desert Institute has partnered with AG to offer an article writing contest to all students who meet the requirements as outlined below.


Student Requirements:
  • Must be an actively enrolled, full time student (reviewed by SDI staff/student services)
  • Must be in good academic and financial standing and in continuous attendance
  • Must have accounted for at least two weeks of attendance over the past one (1) month in all assigned courses (Absorb or Moodle)
Writing Requirements:
  • AG outlines their own publishing rules on their website. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY:
  • Any gunsmithing-centric topic can be written—please view writer guidelines
Progression of Entries
  • Step 1: Submission to
  • Step 2: Submission to American Gunsmith by the student
  • Step 3: Review by AG readers and poll taken (The poll will be taken by AG readers to choose which student submission is the best article written)
Additional Information:
  • Winner will be announced across social media in partnership with SDI. Published works will be paid as per the writing guidelines
  • There will be no prize, but student will get paid for the publication
  • Due date for Curriculum Department submission: July 15, 2016
  • Any questions about this project can be directed to Gary Zito, content developer for SDI. Please email him at