AR-15 .223 to .22LR Parts Conversion

  • Jack Collins

Have you ever wondered what an AR with feather-light recoil would feel like? Now’s your chance! In this edition of our grad advice series, SDI’s resident rugged outdoorsman and beard contest champion Caleb Downing is back to show us something cool: CMMG’s .22LR conversion kit for AR-15s.

What Is CMMG’s .22LR Conversion Kit for AR-15s?

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a .22LR conversion kit made by CMMG (a brand known not only for their ARs but also for the famous Banshee line of pistols). Essentially, you can turn any AR-15 into a .22 plinker by removing the bolt carrier group and replacing it with CMMG’s proprietary parts. You’ll also need to use some of CMMG’s magazines, three of which come with CMMG’s kit.

What Does It Do?

The kit essentially pushes a piece of metal forward into the chamber to create a gas-tight seal around a .22LR cartridge. This allows gas to push the bullet forward and out of the barrel. The entire system is self-contained, so you can use it with your lower’s current buffer tube.

Why Use It?

Caleb mentions that CMMG’s AR-15 .22LR conversion kit has a couple of great applications. First, it’s a great tool if you want to teach your kids how to shoot. Since the kit loads into an actual AR-15, there’s very little perceivable recoil. That also makes it a great choice if you’re trying to introduce firearms to someone who’s gun-shy. Finally, the kit can also tame short-barreled AR uppers, which tend to be (in Caleb’s words) “fire-breathing dragons.”

Image courtesy of The38superdude


Installing CMMG’s kit is simple. All you need to do is slide it into your favorite AR upper’s chamber. If installed correctly, the kit will be flush across the back of the upper. Then, just reattach the upper to the lower and you’re ready to rock and roll.


One thing to remember about CMMG’s conversion kits is that they don’t work with ARs chambered in .223 Wylde. This isn’t a MIL-SPEC cartridge, so chambers may not be built to the same uniform specifications. CMMG says as much on their website.

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Converting a regular .223 AR into a .22LR is a fun introduction to the world of gun modifications. If you want to take a deep dive into the world of building and modifying firearms, SDI can help you get started. To learn more, explore the full list of available programs we offer.

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