CZ 600 Trail Bolt Action Rifle

  • Paul Money
Photo Courtesy of CZ-USA

CZ-USA recently overhauled their bolt-action rifle lineup. They have introduced the CZ 600 series of rifles, replacing the old 527 and 557 rifle lines. 

After hearing this, I made my way over to CZ’s website to check out the new offerings. Among them, I came across the CZ 600 Trail. The rifle, looking more like a weapon from a sci-fi movie than a bolt-action rifle, immediately caught my eye.

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Available in .223 Remington and 7.62×39, the rifle features a semi-heavy, 16” barrel, a free-float, MLOK rail, a PDW-style, sliding stock, and an ambidextrous safety reminiscent of that found on an AR-15. The .223 Remington version feeds from standard AR-15 pattern magazines and the 7.62×39 version feeds from CZ Bren 2 Ms magazines.

While I’ll be the first to admit that the aesthetics of the rifle are unconventional, the rifle looks extremely practical, filling a similar need as the Ruger American Ranch.

With the stock collapsed, this 6.1lb rifle has an overall length (OAL) of only 27.5 in. This compactness would lend itself very well to being stored in a vehicle.

For work, I often embark on long road trips in an F250 pulling a large trailer. These trips take me all over the country, often to rural or remote areas. I like to have a rifle with me and the CZ 600 Trail in 7.62×39 looks like it might be a good candidate.

The 7.62×39 cartridge is capable of taking medium game such as whitetail (it’s our editor’s hunting cartridge of choice) and is famously more than adequate in the self-defense department. The relative affordability of the ammunition would allow me to shoot recreationally more frequently.

The fact that the rifle is a bolt action means that I would be able to legally possess it, provided I only carried low capacity magazines, in more states. 

CZ-USA’s website states that the CZ 600 Trail will be available in 2022. I’m hopeful that they will include additional versions of the 600 Trail. 

I think that the 600 Trail would be a hot seller in 6.5 Grendel and .300BLK, both of which would fit nicely in CZ’s mini-action. 

I also think that CZ would be wise to offer a pistol version chambered in 7.62×39 or .300BLK, even with it being bolt-action. The PDW-style stock looks like it could be replaced nicely by a brace and I think one of those setups would make a fantastic suppressor host. 

I’m looking forward to seeing where CZ takes this new line of rifles. Things look very promising so far. 

What do you think about the CZ 600 Trail? What about the CZ 600 lineup in general?

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