Reviewing Drone Videography Tips From Stay Gold Visuals

  • Jack Collins
Image courtesy of Robert Myers

DJI is about as close as it gets to a household name in the drone world. There’s a reason for that. According to some sources, the company controls about 76% of the global consumer drone market. We’ll take a look at this industry monolith in this post. First, we’ll judge if DJI’s active track feature actually works. Then, we’ll learn how to swap the propellers on a DJI drone for a simple, fast repair.

Does DJI Active Track Work?

Active track is a flight mode available on some drones. With active track on, the pilot designates some target for the drone to follow. Then, the drone maneuvers on its own, tracking the target. Often, a pilot will designate themselves as the target.

Active track can capture some pretty cool video—but only if it actually works. This feature can be pretty finicky with some drones. That includes DJI drones. To learn more, check out this video breakdown of how DJI’s active track does work, though only sometimes.

Performing a Propeller Swap on a DJI Drone

Propellers are the main interface between a drone and the air, so you could say they’re pretty important. That’s why you want to replace your drone’s propellers whenever you see signs of damage. DJI even recommends you replace them every three months for some models.

Fortunately, changing propellers is pretty easy. In this video, we look at how to perform this repair on a DJI Air 2S drone. Just push the rotors down and twist to remove them. Then, install the new rotors by matching them up by color (either orange or unmarked), pushing them down, and rotating to lock them in.

Make sure you follow the color coding! Air 2S rotors only work in a single direction. If you install them in the wrong place, your drone won’t take off.

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