4 nurses holding donated protective gear and homemade signs thanking Federal Ammunition for their donation

Federal Premium Ammunition Steps Up With Material to Combat COVID-19

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Gun owners across America know Federal Premium Ammunition for their cartridges and reloading equipment ranging all the way from .22 LR to .50 BMG.

For hospitals in and around Anoka, Minnesota, however, Federal Premium Ammunition is going to be remembered as the collective sidekick to our first responding heroes.

Federal Premium Ammunition has made a donation of multiple cases of N95 masks from their Anoka, Minnesota, inventory to their local hospitals so that the medical professionals on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 can continue to safely care for patients, Guns & Ammo reports.

Photo Credit: Guns & Ammo

While the world has been drastically affected by the coronavirus, demand for respirators and other forms of PPE (personal protective equipment) has skyrocketed. Production will almost certainly inevitably catch up to that demand, but for the time being, those who are regularly exposed to the pandemic are facing it under-equipped.

Donations like that of Federal Premium Ammunition (and their parent company, Vista Outdoor) do three things.

First, they make an immediate, tangible impact on their community. When their community needed them in a bad way, they stepped up because they could. There well could be employees in their own company in the coming months that need the attention they themselves helped enable. Karma points aside, that’s strategically self-serving.

Second, it’s the closest thing there is to an automatic publicity producer. Firearms aficionados are going to see a competitive brand making big moves to help a problem they face every day, and while it may be no guarantee of future sales, it’s certainly an excellent reputation management assist.

Third, folks who don’t know anything about guns have a name that could well be on the top of their mind should they grow the ever-increasing ranks of new firearm owners. It’s a percentage game, but it’s a solid one.

So, what can we take away from this?

First, Federal Premium Ammunition cares about their community, and their business end is pretty clever. It’s hard to beat good publicity and karma.

Second, while a small business may be less capable of dispensing game-changing medical supplies than a major ammunition company, Federal Premium Ammuntion has taken a lead that others in the firearms industry are wise to follow.

Lean into your communities. Make a difference. Donate meals, if you can, or find local organizations combating the crisis that need financial help. The worst-case scenario is that you’ve done a good deed for your community. The best is that you’ve made potential customers. There’s really no losing.

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