Furthest Confirmed Rifle Elimination with McMillan Rifle

  • Caleb Tillery

Image courtesy of MathKnight

In 2009 a British sniper set the furthest confirmed kill. He eliminated a Taliban fighter at 2,475 meters and no one thought this record could be broken.

That was until a Canadian soldier shattered that record by eliminating an ISIS member at over 3,540 meters.

That’s 2.2 miles, my friends.

 This amazing feat is a combination of skill, brain power, quality equipment, and with so many variables, a little bit of luck, too.

This JTF2 special operator was using a TAC-50 rifle. The soldier would have had to max out the adjustment on his scope along with holding well above his intended target. This would make follow up shots extremely difficult as well as spotting his hits or misses.

Once the shot is fired, the projectile would take over ten seconds to reach that distance and would transition into a transonic state, making the projectile unstable during the remainder of flight.

In addition, the shooter would have to account for the curvature of the earth as well the rotation of the planet. Not to mention all the other common environmental factors such as wind, temperature, humidity, etc.

Regardless of the mentioned variables, the solider felt comfortable in his training and acquired skill to take a shot at that distance. The impact was recorded on camera and documented as the furthest kill with a rifle.

Will the record be broken? Is it even possible? Only time will tell.

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