Green Guns

  • Jack Collins

I don’t think anyone reading this is going to deny that guns are pretty great. But man, are they expensive. In a recent episode of SDI’s Gun Rack podcast, Drew and Joey shared their takes on “green guns” for St. Patrick’s Day. While they talked about a few specific gun deals, I’m here to share some of the ways you can stay on top of firearms sales year-round.

Green Guns: Where to Find Deals on Firearms

Finding deals on guns—and getting them before they’re sold out—is truly an art in the world of firearms. Here are some of my favorite ways to make sure I get on top of any sales going on around the industry.

Subscribe to a Mailing List

This is going to be one of the best ways to get deals on guns, optics, and other accessories online. I personally am subscribed to several different mailing lists, with OpticsPlanet being one of the best for deals.

I also subscribe to a few different mailing lists that help me get the jump on limited-release items. For example, there’s no way that you’re going to get a North Korean-made AK-47 tanker mag without signing up for Atlantic Firearms’ email list. I check their newsletter religiously, since I know they’re going to be dropping some AIMS-74s someday soon (fingers crossed). Flux Defense is another good one, since getting a Flux Raider brace for your P320 is going to be impossible without waiting for a release.

Reddit Gun Deals

If you haven’t gotten around to checking out Reddit’s Gun Deals sub, you need to check it out. First of all, the sub’s background color is literally green. But more importantly, it’s a great place to find some of the best sales on guns online. In addition to the Gun Deals page, there are various secondhand pages where users sell old gear. You can also find niche pages, like one for Combloc-specific platforms.

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