Growing Your Gunsmithing Business Online and On-Ground, Featuring Kip Carpenter and Jennifer McInnis

  • SDI Admin

Success in business often comes more from experience than from a textbook. Which is why Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI) is pleased to announce that this month’s free webinar features two experienced professionals who will reveal the secrets to growing a successful gunsmithing business, both online and on the ground.

The webinar, scheduled for June 28, 2016, welcomes professional gunsmith and SDI instructor Kip Carpenter, and SDI Director of Marketing, Jennifer McInnis. Carpenter has owned and operated a wide variety of gunsmithing shops ranging from small at-home businesses to large commercial operations, and McInnis brings to the table years of marketing experience that can benefit gunsmith shop owners of all levels.

SDI’s free, one-hour-long webinar will be on Tuesday, June 28, 2016, beginning at 8 p.m. EST. To register, go to

“So many students and friends have asked us how they can grow their new firearms businesses, and this webinar will outline approaches to both online as well as tried-and-true traditional marketing,” said SDI Executive Director of Strategic Development, Wes LeMay. “We’ll cover a variety of topics, such as defining demographics, business branding, social media, networking, and local outreach. Don’t miss ‘Growing Your Gunsmithing Business Online and On-Ground.’ And, because of the volume of information, don’t be surprised to see a soon-to-be sequel on this topic.”

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