Gunsmithing Tools You Can Find at the Hardware Store: Part 2

  • Jack Collins

And we’re back! We’ve previously covered several useful gunsmithing tools that you can find at your local hardware store. Unfortunately, we couldn’t include every tool that we wanted to in that entry. So, we’ve back with part 2 to explore some more gunsmithing tools you can find at the hardware store!


Levels come in handy for several firearm-related tasks. But by far the most common is mounting an optic to your gun. First, you’ll need a level to make sure that your mount and rings aren’t lopsided. In addition, you’ll need one to make sure your optic is level once you actually mount it to your firearm.

You generally don’t want to use a laser level for this purpose. While those work great for home improvement projects, they’re not really suited for this kind of task. Instead, you’ll want a good old-fashioned I-beam level. Generally, the shorter the better.


While certain jobs (like mounting optics) will be easier if you use a specially-made gun vice, some won’t. Instead, they’ll require a tried-and-true table vise. In fact, even jobs that don’t require a vise will will be infinitely easier if you decide to use one. If you’ve ever tried replacing the upper handguard on an AK, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Vises are actually significantly cheaper than you might think. In addition, you can set up most vises anywhere – you don’t need a dedicated workbench. If you’re going to use a vise for gunsmithing, remember to get some plastic or rubber jaws for it. This will prevent you from damaging any metal or wooden parts.

Safety Glasses

Here’s one tool that’s just as useful for gunsmithing as it is for actual shooting. Safety glasses are readily available at your local hardware store, and they’re usually pretty cheap. Sure, it looks way cooler to shoot with sunglasses on. But if Kentucky Ballistics has taught us anything, it’s that safety glasses can save your life. 

Most safety glasses are fairly cheap, fog-resistant, and will stand up to impact significantly better than sunglasses will. What’s more, they can also protect your eyes when you’re doing gunsmithing work – small metal shavings can come from any direction. And here’s the best part: they’re also usually pretty cheap!


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