How Close Are We to a Complete Smart Scope Takeover?

  • Caleb Tillery

Scopes, like everything else, are constantly advancing and improving.

The firearms industry is beginning to see scopes with smart ballistic technology, which is, to use a technical term, pretty dang cool.

These scopes can capture environmental factors as well as distance and provide an immediate firing solution. 

This scope technology is relatively new and has yet to overtake to scope market.

While the technology helps speed up the shooting process, it lacks in a few areas. Often the scopes are more difficult to setup than their analog brethren and require a phone app to connect to the scope in order to change settings.

Also, none of the scopes on the market that I have seen have the ability to capture the wind speed or direction. This puts the ballistic solution at a huge disadvantage because, as we all know, the wind speed can change the firing solution in many ways. 

Wind speed reading is the missing link between making this a useful scope and changing the market forever.

Once the scopes are able to capture wind in real time, they will revolutionize long range shooting indefinitely. The shooter will be able to look at any target, regardless the distance, and get the proper solution to hit that target at its intended point of aim.

Of course, there will be some who will eschew the technology, preferring instead to use their classic methods of getting lead downrange where it needs to be.

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