KC Eusebio and the Infinity Open

  • SDI Admin

All of us at Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI) wish to congratulate SDI-sponsored professional shooter KC Eusebio for his first-place win at the Infinity Open, recently held at the CCC Tactical range in Cresson, Texas. Eusebio smoked the competition, winning the Open Division by 99 points.

The Infinity® Open is a test of all shooting skills and this year welcomed more than 200 competitors. Every shooter must shoot Weak Hand, Strong Hand, On the Move, and from difficult positions. As they like to say at the Infinity Open, the winner will be the shooter who can do it all!

“We congratulate KC on his outstanding win at the Infinity Open,” said SDI Executive Director of Strategic Development, Wes LeMay. “KC is dedicated to providing the public — especially our nation’s youth — with greater firearm education, and we are proud to support him and his mission. By developing an overall greater appreciation for firearms, we can create a better career environment and path for success for all SDI students.”

Eusebio, who was the youngest USPSA master at 10 years old, is a member of both the International Practical Shooting Confederation and the United States Practical Shooting Association, and a Steel Challenge action shooting competitor who has been featured on the Hot Shots television series. He is a four-time Open World Steel Challenge Speed Shooting Champion and four-time Open U.S. National Steel Challenge Speed Shooting Champion.

Eusebio’s next competition will be the Florida State Steel Challenge on July 8, 2016.

Good luck, KC!


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