Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for the Gun Owner in Your Life

  • Jack Collins

Are you ripping your hair out searching for a great last-minute gift for a gun lover in your life? Don’t worry: we’ve all been in this situation before at least once. Fortunately, SDI is here to save your Christmas! Check out some of these last-minute ideas for Christmas gifts for your special gun lover.


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One of the best last-minute Christmas gifts for gun lovers is also one of the easiest to get (depending on where you live). Simply put, you can never have too much ammo. Without it, a gun is a fancy paperweight, completely devoid of any practical use. You can help that gun lover in your life avoid this terrible fate by helping them stock up!

Remember, though, that there’s a huge variety of ammo out there. To find out what type to buy, casually ask your gun lover what their favorite firearm is. Then, Google it. You’ll be able to find out what kind of ammo it uses with a few clicks of your mouse (or more likely, your touchpad). Some of the most common types of ammo include 22 LR, 9mm, 223 (aka 5.56), and 308. Winchester White Box ammo is generally going to be the cheapest you can find, while Federal makes cartridges that are a great bang for your buck.

A Quality Holster

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Carrying a firearm around in your hands is a pain in the butt. Whether they’re competing, carrying concealed, or just want to pack some heat on a hike, a holster allows them to do it hands-free.

If the gun lover in your life is a pistol enthusiast, a holster is a great way to go. Holsters generally fall into one of two types: concealed and open. A concealed carry holster is a great choice for someone who wants to carry a pistol daily for self-defense. Bear in mind, though, that your gun lover may need to acquire a concealed carry permit from the state depending on where you live.

In contrast, open-carry pistols can be ideal for a competition shooter, or anyone who wants to carry a sidearm out in the backcountry. Keep in mind that if your gun enthusiast will be hiking somewhere where they might interact with other people, they may want to stick with a concealed carry holster to avoid any uncomfortable situations. Safariland makes great open-carry holsters.

Range Bag

Going to the gym is a pain without a gym bag. Likewise, going to a shooting range can be a huge hassle without a quality range bag. A range bag allows a gun enthusiast to stay organized and keep all of their shooting tools and accessories in the same place. 

A rage bag makes each range trip super simple – all you need to do is grab your bag and go. Without it, you’re wasting time getting all of your gear together, throwing it in a backpack, and taking that to the range. Plus, you look like a total square without a real range bag!

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