Military Spouse Appreciation Day Highlight: Andrew and Cassidy Presmyk, Double Military Spouses

  • SDI Admin

Andrew Presmyk is a graduate of SDI and a four-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, where he served as a fire direction control man for field artillery.

All of our students face challenges along the course of their academic career, but Presmyk’s path was even tougher to travel than many. In addition to attending SDI full time, working full time, and taking care of two toddlers, his wife, Cassidy, was not around – a veteran herself, she was deployed overseas while Andrew furthered his education. They both deserve recognition for their sacrifice as military spouses.

He recalled the struggle: “With my wife being deployed overseas while I was still attending SDI full time, working full time on the night shift, and having two sons under the age of three, it was difficult to balance it all and still be able to complete all of my school work. It took many late nights of staying awake after I got my kiddos to bed!”

Luckily for Andrew, he’s got a great supporting cast, including some long-distance support from his wife and family.

“I was able to balance work, life, and school with the help of my mom who watched my kids when I needed to sleep after work,” Andrew said. “My wife also encouraged me from across the world! I had a lot of help and support from my family along the way.”

Andrew and Cassidy’s support for each other is all over their respective Instagram pages for the world to be inspired by. Andrew supported her by taking care of their children and making posts supporting her deployment, letting her know how much she is loved by them.

Cassidy preempted and exceeded Military Spouse Appreciation Day by a country mile – she showed her support by encouraging him from afar and, when it came time to graduate, surprised him with one of the most delicious cakes we’ve ever seen.

For those who take care of our veterans while they serve here and abroad, and for those who take care of our veterans once they’ve come home, thank you. Today’s for you.

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