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National Sports Shooting Month Highlight: Theo Susuras

  • Chris Ross

Some shooters have been shooting their entire lives. For others, they didn’t begin to live until they started shooting. It was only five years ago that Theo Susuras started shooting and he’s only been competitively shooting for three years. In that short span, Theo went from “not a big gun person” to an award-winning professional shooter.

If you’ve read Theo’s first feature with us, then you know his previous employer introduced a hesitant Theo to the wonderful world of firearms. After his first time out shooting, Theo became instantly hooked. Theo decided to take his love for the sport and turn it into more than a hobby by becoming a professional shooter. In honor of National Sports Shooting Month, we asked Theo what his favorite competition was and he answered quicker than you can fire a pistol.

“The open division is the formula one of racing guns. It is the all-out anything goes division, focusing only on the speed and skill of the shooter. That is why I shoot in the open division,” says Theo.

Theo’s passion for competitive shooting has grown tremendously and he can already see the fruits of his labor beginning to blossom. This can clearly be shown in his favorite memory of shooting. Last year, Theo competed at the highest level and took first place in the open division at the Rio Salado Desert Classic. Keep in mind he has only been shooting for half a decade and competing even less. While the open division is his favorite, Theo isn’t going to limit himself in his pursuit of greatness. Other than the open division, he’s also dabbled in 3-Gun, a competition involving a pistol, shotgun, and rifle.

“My experience with 3-Gun has been brief, but I have enjoyed every second of it!”

Between 3-Gun competitions and USPSA, Theo goes through about 3,000 rounds a month. His newest love may be pricey, but luckily for him, he’s got a great job!

“Since my first day at SDI, I have felt like a part of the family. I was invited in and greeted with smiles and a helping hand!”

As an Admissions Representative at SDI Theo helps others who share his passion for firearms pursue their dreams just like he’s living his.

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