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Kip Carpenter and Your 30-, 60-, and 90-Day Plan for Your Gunsmithing Business!

  • Dave Propri


Kip Carpenter is a man who has worn many hats.

Those who subscribe to The Gun Rack know that it’s virtually impossible to miss the guy. He’s a frequent guest on the podcast, and for two good reasons:

  1. He’s got decades of knowledge that translate into excellent content that routinely become some of our most listened-to episodes.
  2. He talks a lot so I can have a break.

And I do love a good break. That’s not why we’re featuring Kip now, though.

Kip’s resume is so long that, honestly, I’m not going to replicate it here, but I will say that in addition to having been a VIP security specialist, currently serving as SDI’s master gunsmith, and having run a gunsmith shop, he knows about what he’s talking about.

This podcast, originally published as a video, features Kip walking through a 30, 60, and then 90 day plan for a firearms-related business. Published two years ago, the episode remains extremely popular.

So go ahead! Give it a listen at the player above, or on your favorite podcasting platform!

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