Scope Leveling Kit

  • Jack Collins

Mounting a scope isn’t a particularly difficult task. However, it does take a little bit of work. Moreover, it can definitely be annoying to align that little bubble evenly in its neon green tube through every step of the scope mounting process.

Fortunately, ingenuity is the lifeblood of the firearms world. Some industrious gunsmiths have built a better mousetrap—or at least a better scope leveling kit. Let’s look at how to use these tools with some help from SDI grad Caleb Downing.

How to Level a Rifle Scope Without a Kit

If you’ve ever leveled a scope before, chances are you’ve done it the traditional way. You’ve started by putting your rifle (or upper receiver) in a vice. Then, you’ve used a bubble level to make sure it’s not tilted one way or the other before doing so to the scope itself.

Using a Scope Leveling Kit

These kits will work with any gun/optic combo, provided that the mounting surface has a flat top and the optic has a flat bottom. Otherwise, you’ll need a different solution.

The kit consists of two main components. One of them sits on the flat surface, i.e., where you’re mounting your scope. The second is a triangle-looking wedge of metal. Each kit comes with two of these: a short one (for low height over bore) and a tall one (for scopes that sit higher).

Kits like this—the brand doesn’t matter—are super simple. All you need to do is put the flat part onto the receiver and slide the triangle-shaped wedge through the groove milled into it. As you slide the wedge through the groove, the scope will automatically level itself. Then, all you need to do is attach the upper half of your scope rings and you’re good to go!

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