SDI Affiliate Brandon Herrera Presents: How to Break an AK With Mud

  • Caleb Downing

Mud tests, torture tests – they are all pretty fun to watch. Today we get to see one of YouTube’s finest and SDI partner, Brandon Herrera, do a pretty thorough mud test on an AK. 

Please note: here’s your Explicit Language Warning – viewer discretion is advised!

Brandon revisited an old classic test of the AK47’s resilience under extreme and truly excessive conditions.

Most of the time in a torture test, a firearm is slowly introduced to environments to see how long the gun will continue to run. Brandon went straight for the kill. 

The mud used in this test appeared to be very silty/sandy mud that will get into every little nook and cranny of a firearm. In a way, this would be like putting sugar in our car’s gas tank.

It was inevitable that this test was going to kill the gun, and it did. If the mud itself wasn’t enough, Brandon took the dust cover off and continued to army crawl through mud and pack the inside of the action with debris. 

After thoroughly caking the AK, Brandon attempted to do a test fire. It became very apparent that this gun was out of commission. He was able to get a few shots off but, more often than not, the firearm failed to cycle. 

In the end, it was concluded that all the other similar tests were indeed correct. If you stuff an AK full of sandy mud and attempt to fire it, you’re going to run into a problem. 

So what did y’all think of this test? Did you believe the old wives’ tales about how you can do anything to an AK and it will just keep running? I, for one, thought the AK would have fared a little bit better but I was proven wrong. It just goes to show you that not even the venerable AK is immune to every element.

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