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Nearly two-thirds of new veterans say they faced a difficult transition from military to civilian life, either professionally or personally. For some, the transition can be the toughest battle they have ever fought.

In support of these veterans, the Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI) is a proud sponsor of The Raider Project, a subsidiary of GallantFew, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which works to help these combat veterans transition smoothly, peacefully, and successfully into the private sector.

The Raider Project recently held its first seminar, and the event rallied some of the brightest minds to have served our men and women in their transition process. SDI liaisons Dale Grinage and Garrett Bischoff attended the two-day seminar and met with many of the veterans.

“We have developed a really good relationship with The Raider Project, and we are proud to support the Project and the many veterans who are transitioning to civilian life,” says SDI Education Liaison Coordinator, Dale Grinage, a retired U.S. Marine and tactics instructor. “The seminar was an amazing event that brought together service members who are separating soon from the military and veterans who are still in a transitional period with a single purpose of equipping them with the necessary tools to transition successfully. It was an honor and privilege for SDI to be there.”

Keynote speakers for the event included Nick Koumalatsos, director of The Raider Project; Randy Hetrick, former Navy SEAL and TRX founder and inventor; Kirk Weisler, former Ranger and 19th Special Forces group member, who now serves as chief morale officer for companies and organizations around the globe; Dr. Carrie Elk, CEO of The Elk Institute; Jeff Nichols, founder of Virginia High Performance; Karl Monger, director of the veteran non-profit GallantFew; Dr. Cagan G. Randall, D.C., co-founder of Cerebrum Health Centers; Michael R. Rodriguez, a retired Special Forces Green Beret; Mike Schlitz, special advisor to the GallantFew board of directors; Nick Palmisciano, CEO of Ranger Up; and Vincent Vargas, COO of Article 15 Clothing.

The Raider Project assists veterans through peer-to-peer counseling, unconventional brain treatments for TBIs, PTSD, and disorders of the brain and central nervous system, short-term financial assistance, resume coaching and small business support, get-away retreats and fishing trips, as well as community sports programs.

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