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SDI Announces Launch of Shooting Team

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Sonoran Desert Institute has a new reason to celebrate. The school has partnered with “KC” Eusebio to lead a new shooting team.

Eusebio is an International Practical Shooting Confederation and United States Practical Shooting Association’s member and Steel Challenge action shooting competitor who is featured on the Hot Shots TV-series.

Eusebio said the partnership will enable him to give back to the youth who can then set “a trail for the new generation.” Eusebio, who was the youngest USPSA master at 10 years old and who has 20 years of experience, said he can relate to younger shooters.

“I’ve been blessed with so many opportunities in life that I told myself at a young age that if I was ever in a position to give back, I would pay it forward,” he said. “I guess this is me being able to pay it forward.”

While the team will afford members with shooting lessons, coaching and competitions, Eusebio’s goal is for students – and the community – to garner a deep appreciation for firearms’ education.

“I want others to see (how) education and firearms can work together, and minimize the violence within today’s society,” Eusebio said, adding that he wants people to understand the value of SDI and the benefits students receive from attending the institution. He said he also hopes team members will help propel sport shooting to “a household name” so that negative stigmas that are sometimes associated with the sport, are removed.

While he waits for the school’s board to approve the new shooting team and a timeline for it to begin, Eusebio said he’s most excited about seeing each student succeed by tapping in to his or her “inner self.”

“(I want them to) show me, their families, and themselves they have what it takes to be a champion,” he said. “I hope to teach the students not just how to be a champion, but to be respectful to their peers, disciplined to the craft, and to give their all under pressure.”

Eusebio said will recruit three core members to head the SDI Shooting Team, and said he believes the individuals should display initiative, discipline and a desire to win and learn. While he said he has two male shooters in mind, he’s seeking one female “who has what it takes to win.”

During the team’s first year, Eusebio said he will select five USPSA matches and allow students to shoot while he coaches. He said he plans to also have the team compete in shooting competitions against other schools such a Yale, Harvard, and Texas A&M.

The goal for shooting team members is simple, Eusebio said. He wants of them – many of whom are juggling schoolwork, training, competitions, and everyday life – to learn to use their time wisely, and apply what they learn to everyday life.

“I believe this program will teach students responsibility and show them that they are new role models for children to look up to,” Eusebio said.

Keep an eye on future newsletters for information on try-outs, which will happen this fall. If you have any questions in the meantime, please


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