SDI GRAD ADVICE Pt. 1 – Large Holsters and Batteries

  • Jack Collins
The above image is courtesy of Alien Gear Holsters (no changes have been made).

Do you ever wish you knew an experienced and knowledgeable firearms expert to field your gun-related questions? Now you do! SDI grad Caleb Downing is flush with advice about firearms, optics, and other gear. Here are some of his best tidbits over the last few months.

Best Gun Holsters: Why You Should Get a Large Holster

In one of SDI’s videos from January, Caleb covers why you should consider getting a large holster. Specifically, he’s talking about concealed carry holsters.

First, a larger holster can actually help with concealment. Using a small gun with a small holster can actually make the firearm top heavy. This means it pushes out against your clothes, lowering concealment. In addition, a bigger holster will distribute your gun’s weight, making it more comfortable. Finally, a bigger holster can also allow you to carry more kinds of firearms. Caleb demonstrates this with his holster, which can hold a plethora of different Glocks.

Mark Your Batteries

In another video from November, Caleb talks about the importance of marking the batteries you use for your optics. Almost every optic these days will have some kind of battery that powers its illuminated reticle. Many optic companies will brag about their scope or red dot’s battery life, saying they last some insane amount of time. However, this is an “average” battery life— depending on which settings you use, it won’t necessarily be applicable. That’s why you need to do a little bit of science to discover how long your batteries will actually last.

The best way to do this is by simply writing the date on your battery in Sharpie. Caleb notes that this won’t affect the battery’s conductivity, so you don’t need to worry about affecting its performance. Now, the next time your battery dies, you’ll know how long it’s likely to last on your favorite settings. This, in turn, will tell you when you should consider changing your battery out. To make things easy, you can set a notification on your phone to remind you to swap it out.

Choose SDI to Grow Your Gun Knowledge

Do you have a lot of questions about firearms, like how to build an AR-15 or how to become a gunsmith? At SDI, we can help you find the answers. To learn more, explore the full list of available programs we have to offer.

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