SDI Introduces New “Pump Shotgun Armorer” Course

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Tempe, AZ [4/10/23] — Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI) is expanding its course catalog with its latest course addition, FTE 218 Pump Shotgun Armorer. This represents another step in the growth of the school.

Jared McNeely, Dean of SDI’s School of Firearm Technology, comments, “As we grow, SDI will seek out opportunities to provide additional choices to students for their electives. The Pump Shotgun Armorer course allows the student to immerse themselves in a vast segment of the firearms technology industry. The pump firearm design has been around for over 100 years and is a popular model seen by gunsmiths regularly.”

FTE 218 presents an overview of the pump shotgun platform in various makes and models. The lessons discuss these firearms’ history, design characteristics, operations, and platform-specific characteristics.

Students receive a pump shotgun platform on which to demonstrate practical skills and abilities, including the measurement of critical dimensions, assembly, and disassembly procedures, and the use of specialty tools. Malfunction diagnosis, operating characteristics, and application of gunsmithing techniques will also be demonstrated.

FTE 218 is an elective option that is available for students enrolled in either the Associate of Science in Firearms Technology or the Certificate in Firearms Technology – Gunsmithing programs. Students in both programs will now be able to choose from 1911 Advanced Armorer, Modern Sporting Rifle, Pump Shotgun Armorer, and Developing a Business Plan options for their elective, depending on their eligibility. Eligibility is based on the student’s age and their state’s restrictions.

McNeely adds, “SDI is excited to launch this new offering to provide students with additional options based on their educational pursuits while touching on broad firearms design.”

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