SDI is Keeping Busy

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With first place medals and record turnouts, the Sonoran Desert Institute team was busy in March. Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI) is constantly traveling the country, whether it’s to help, inform, recruit, educate, or to compete in the case of our sponsored shooters. If you’ve been following the SDI newsletter you may already know about our success. These stories should be a good reminder to keep following our story.

“We are going back next year and we are definitely bringing a bigger booth!”

Garett Bischoff, SDI’s Chief Education Liaison, sounded almost giddy when he started talking about the attendance of the Arizona Game & Fish Outdoor Expo which took place on March 24-25, 2017. “We were expecting maybe 30,000 people through the entire weekend, but that ended up just being Saturday afternoon. Sunday was almost as busy!” (View our videos of the Outdoor Expo)

It’s understandable that Garett was so excited. He’s been traveling nearly 200 days per year as one of SDI’s most public faces and was confident the Outdoor Expo was one of the biggest and best organized events we have attended. Garett was joined at the Outdoor Expo by Education Liaisons Ed Jauch and Dustin Johnson who ran the booth for the duration of the expo. The Arizona Game & Fish Expo was amazing, but it was not the only activity from our dedicated SDI team.

Our sponsored shooter KC Eusebio won and he won big. KC , who “gained fame from his performance in Hot Shots,” traveled to the South River Gun Club in Covington, GA to compete against 472 other shooters. The Steel Nationals are regarded with prestige among shooters and SDI is grateful to have KC Eusebio representing our school.

How did KC perform? He won both Carry Optics with a total time of 88.19 and the prestigious Steel Master Title as well as winning the 22 Rimfire Optics division with a total time of 62.66. Proving why we like Mr. Eusebio so much, he remained humble. “I didn’t have the best performance but hard work and the best equipment carried me to that first-place finish,” he said. KC will not be resting on his laurels. As you read this he is traveling, teaching and competing all over the country.

Outdoor Expos, Steel Nationals, and Sonoran Desert Institute wasn’t even close to finished with March. Our Educational Liaison team also attended 10 events in Texas, Illinois, California, Georgia, Missouri and Oklahoma. These events let the SDI team consult, educate and chat with current service members, service members transitioning into civilian life, service member families, and masses of the general public. In one month, the SDI team has covered multiple events in over 7 states and won several shooting titles. The year is just getting started so imagine what else we might accomplish in 2017!

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