SDI Team Member Smashes 2020 Double Tap Championships

  • Joey Upper

The Double Tap Ranch in Texas hosts a championship event every year.

This year, SDI’s own KC Eusebio blew its doors off.

SDI board member KC Eusebio participated in the Double Tap Championship this year and took home the gold, placing first in an 11 stage, USPSA Level 2 match.

Check out the video below and it’ll quickly become obvious why.

Eusebio is a six-time World Speed Shooting champion, so I probably should be a little bit less surprised. However, it’s hard not to freak out while watching it, which I have done six times so far. Wait… Seven.

While Eusebio may be a top competitor, he often deflects the credit he’s due, stating that being able to represent who he does is what makes him happy.

“I’m super proud to be able to represent SDI in the shooting sports. Not only do they care about the firearms industry but they wholeheartedly support the shooting sports. Thank you for all the support and allowing me to be a part of the family.”

KC Eusebio, Champion Shooter and SDI Board Member

Eusebio’s a class act, and a champion shooter. Be sure to follow his story here on SDI’s blog — when he’s got good news, we’ll be telling everyone we can about it.

He’s next headed to the Area 6 Championships in Daytona, Florida.

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