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SDI Webinar on Firearms Restoration Might Just Break The Audience Record!

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As many of you know, Sonoran Desert Institute works hard to ensure that their students, grads, and even prospective students are kept up to date in the firearms industry.

One of the most prolific methods we use to engage our audience is our webinar series. We host a webinar this month wherein students, grads, friends, family members, or even the simply curious can learn about a topic relevant to the industry we care about so much.

We have dived into topics from what the Department of Military and Veteran Services here at SDI does for our students to Troubleshooting and the Cycle of Operations pertaining to firearms.

This month’s webinar is a doozy, and I think you’re going to want to attend.

Restoration Station: Fireams Restoration with SDI Master Gunsmith Kip Carpenter

This week’s webinar, scheduled to launch tomorrow, April 7 at 8pm Eastern, will feature a deep dive into the world of firearms restoration with SDI’s own master gunsmith, Kip Carpenter.

Kip has decades of experience with firearms. He has worked high-risk security, run his own firearms businesses, and holds more certifications than I can count.

As one of our best-loved (and storied!) instructors, we knew that when we announced his return to the webinar stage that it was likely we’d receive a strong response.

We didn’t realize just how strong that response would be.

As things currently stand, this webinar has a serious chance to become the best-attended webinar in SDI history.

That’s not an event you are going to want to miss. Take a moment and register for the webinar here. Space is limited, so be sure to lock your spot into what could well be a historic event!

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