SDI’s New Headquarters Grand Opening a MASSIVE SUCCESS!!

  • Joey Upper

As most probably know, Sonoran Desert Institute moved headquarters to 1555 W University Dr Ste 103, Tempe, AZ, punctuated with an official grand opening event March 2.

What some of our remote SDI family might not know is how well that grand opening went!

The SDI Grand Opening event was an absolute blast. With better than 100 folks in attendance, and plenty of food to go around, the air was laced with energy as folks witnessed our new headquarters’ debut.

“As an online school, we don’t always get to see our students, graduates, and faculty,” Traci Lee, President of SDI, commented. “It was so motivating to have the energy of those groups participating in the grand opening event!”

“Nothing inspires me more than to hear the success stories from our graduates!”

“The Grand Opening was a huge success!” Jennifer McInnis, Vice President of Growth and Marketing, added. “We got to meet SDI students and grads and their families, talk with community leaders, and really show everybody what SDI is all about.”

Among the members of the community in attendance included Tempe city council member Robin Arredondo-Savage — an avid proponent of education — one of many delighted to welcome us into the community!

Funnily enough, Mike Olson, Vice President of Academic Affairs, noted that same excited energy indicated by McInnis and Lee in the opportunity he saw:

“For me, the theme of the day was opportunity: the opportunity for SDI to grow both in size and capability; the opportunity our organization brings to Tempe as a successful business; the opportunity that distance education creates by offering access to high quality education to individuals nationwide; and of course, the opportunities that Sgt. Michael Beckerman’s memory imparts on potential future students.”

The Sgt. Michael Beckerman Military and Veteran Services office’s opening, too, brought focus to an already momentous day. Our Military and Veteran Services office is named after an SDI student who lost his life on deployment, and at its dedication we were blessed to have members of his family in attendance, including his mother and daughter.

“The most emotional part of the day was the dedication of the Sgt. Michael Beckerman Military and Veteran Services office,” McInnis reflected.  “Michael’s family was on hand, and I think it’s really meaningful that his story will forever be a part of our story at SDI.”
The attendance of our friends, family, and new community helped to usher in a new era for SDI — we couldn’t be happier.
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