Sgt. Paul Jackson’s Story

  • Joey Upper


SDI loves its veterans and first responders.

One of the ways we like to say “Thank you!” is through naming our scholarships after some veterans that have special meanings to us.

We currently have two scholarships: the Sergeant Michael Beckerman Memorial Scholarship and the Paul Jackson First Responder Memorial Scholarship. The Paul Jackson First Responder Memorial Scholarship’s for students pursuing their Associate of Science of Firearms Technology degree.

Paul Jackson was an amazing man. To quote directly from his scholarship page:

Paul Jackson served in Bravo Co, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment during WWII. As a paratrooper, Mr. Jackson made the jump into Normandy during Operation Overlord, the jump into Holland during Operation Market Garden, and was wounded on 12 January 1945 in Bastogne, Belgium.

Years ago, SDI did a deep dive into Jackson’s life and what made him such an extraordinary man. The podcast, which is a cutting of the audio of that documentary, was not only just the second podcast The Gun Rack has ever published, but one of the most popular of all time. In fact, until the past couple of months it was the most popular podcast.

Take a listen above. I’d suspect you may love the story every bit as our subscribers to The Gun Rack.

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