SHOT Show Highlights: Part 2

  • Jack Collins
Photo Courtesy of Mike Searson

Round 2 – FIGHT! We’re back with our second entry in our SHOT Show Highlights series. If you missed our first entry detailing the KR-105 AK-74 pistol (the hype is real), definitely check that out here. In this post, we’re going to be looking at something a little less Combloc. Okay, basically the polar opposite of Combloc. Today, we’re checking out the new SIG MCX-SPEAR and its proprietary new caliber, the .277 SIG FURY.

What is .277 SIG FURY?

The .277 SIG FURY (yes, SIG capitalizes FURY every time, I think it’s for extra stopping power) is what will likely become the US Army’s new standard issue cartridge. SIG first announced the .277 cartridge in 2019 when they revealed their CROSS rifle at that year’s SHOT Show.

The .277 SIG FURY cartridge is a commercial variant of the US Military’s next-generation 6.8x51mm ammo. It has a chamber pressure of 80,000 PSI, about 20,000 more than both the old 5.56 and 7.62 NATO rounds. It uses the same casing as a 308, but with a slightly smaller bullet.

SIG specifically designed the .277 SIG FURY to outclass the popular 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge. The company boasts that the new round can transfer up to 25% more energy than a 6.5 Creedmoor and also exhibits less bullet drop.

Tip of the SPEAR

We mentioned that the first time that civilians could get their hands on .277 SIG FURY cartridges was in 2019. But they were essentially useless at the time, since only one gun fired them.

That all changed at this year’s SHOT Show. SIG unveiled their newest rifle, the MCX-SPEAR, making a huge splash. The MCX-SPEAR is the civilian version of a prototype gun that SIG is building for the US Military’s Next-Generation Squad Weapon (NGSW).

The SPEAR looks kind of like a SCAR with a fatter, thicker magazine. It functions similarly to the SCAR too, using a short-stroke gas piston recoil system. And as the cherry on top, SIG revealed a new series of silencers, dubbed the SLX, designed specifically for the SPEAR.

SIG announced they’d be releasing a limited number of MCX-SPEAR prototypes to the public at this year’s SHOT Show. They carry an MSRP of $7,999 but they come with one of SIG’s new suppressors. 

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