Title: Faculty, General Education

Highest degree and school: Ph.D., Environmental and Social Sustainability, Colorado Technical University

Teaching at SDI since: 2019

Bradley Sauls teaches science courses for SDI. An environmental scientist for over a decade, his research specializes in the conservation of ocean species, and he works with many universities and non-profit groups on not only on conservation movements within the ocean realm, but also in forests, and deserts across the country to both protect endangered species and bring awareness to environmental issues. He has spoken at various conferences across the country on biodiversity issues, endangered species awareness, and the decline of shark species. A veteran of the US Marine Corps, Dr. Sauls is also a former park ranger and has taught and developed courses in Environmental Science, Geology, Physical Science, Ecology, and Clean Energy Principles for several colleges.

Being an educator for well over a decade, Dr. Sauls is always looking for new and innovative ways to interact and teach students. He says one of the things that led him to SDI is that they genuinely care about their students’ success and that they are always fully engaged in helping students succeed and achieve their future goals. “I love engaging and interacting with my students,” he says. “At the end of the day, I always feel good knowing that my students learned something new that they can pass on to someone else. In addition, I love hearing their stories and their backgrounds in that I learn new things along with them.”

Dr. Sauls’s idea of a perfect day is a nice, sunny day, without distractions and where you can simply relax and think about your everyday life and those simple things that make you happy. His hobbies include traveling, swimming, camping, bicycling, hiking, and doing anything outdoors. Coming from an environmental background and all things nature, when asked what one thing he’d like to learn most, he shared, “I’d love to broaden my perspectives and learn more about archeology. I’ve always been fascinated by it, and it looks like a lot of fun learning about the past!”