Title: Senior Lead Faculty, General Education

Highest degree and school: Doctor of Education, University of Phoenix

Teaching at SDI since: 2022

Cecilia Gregg has been in higher education for more than twenty years, holding various positions at universities in Arizona, Texas, China, and Palestine. She teaches Business and Psychology courses for SDI, and mentors new SDI faculty members. Cecilia loves learning and holds degrees in a variety of fields, including a Doctorate degree in Education, a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and a Master’s degree in Psychology.

For Cecilia, teaching is a passion. She believes that higher education leads to a more fulfilling and successful life. She enjoys building connections with students and being a cheerleader for them; “We all need a support team to be successful and I like encouraging students and helping them overcome obstacles.”

Cecilia’s perfect day includes coffee on the balcony, a nice hike, a good meal with family, and smiles and laughing all day. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, CrossFit, hiking, and painting. When asked what she would choose to learn more about if time and money weren’t a factor, she chose medicine, sharing “There are several doctors and nurses in my family and I always found it an honorable field.”

Having worked with a number of SDI staffers in the past, Cecilia says she jumped at the chance to work with them again when the Lead Faculty role became available. Cecilia is excited to be a part of the SDI family!