Lead Faculty

Highest degree and school:

MA, English, East Carolina University

Teaching at SDI since: 2023

Jill Gonzalez came to SDI with over 13 years of experience teaching in higher education. She holds a Master of Arts degree in English from East Carolina University, with her program concentration in Technical & Professional Communication. In addition to teaching English, Communications, and Technical Writing courses at the college level, Jill was also responsible for mentoring and coaching new faculty members to acclimate them to their new roles–experience she now brings to her position as lead Faculty at SDI.

When asked why she wanted to work for SDI, Jill shared “I was very excited about the opportunity to focus full-time on coaching, mentoring, and helping faculty to perform at the highest levels. Working within higher education is something I am passionate about, and SDI enjoys a solid reputation and provides unique programs of study for students.” In her faculty introduction, she noted that she initially got into education as something to do on the side, but quickly fell in love with teaching: “I enjoy interacting with students and helping them to expand their knowledge and think about things from different perspectives. It is particularly satisfying when students have an “aha” moment and what we’ve been discussing finally clicks for them.”

When not working, Jill enjoys reading, TV, yoga, genealogy research, and watching hockey, especially the Carolina Hurricanes. She says her idea of a perfect day is being at home in North Carolina with her husband and dog, drinking tea and reading books. Jill also has a strong interest in psychology, and if time were not an issue, she would pursue a degree in that field.