Title: Lead Faculty, School of Firearms Technology

Highest degree and school: B.S. in Public Service and Public Policy, Arizona State University

Teaching at SDI since: 2019

John Nagy teaches a multitude of courses in the School of Firearms Technology. Retired after serving more than 30 years of active service in the Marine Corps, John presently works as an operations manager at a gun store and range in addition to teaching. He has worked in adult education and in firearms instruction for more than 25 years, and is a certified armorer for Glock, Sig, and Springfield. When not teaching at SDI, he is also an NRA Training Counselor and a USCCA instructor, training both civilians and security personnel in almost every aspect of personal safety. In addition to multiple associates degrees (including one from SDI!), John holds a bachelors degree in Public Policy and is currently working on his masters degree in Global Security.

John says his passions are shooting and teaching, so he enjoys being with SDI as they provide him an opportunity to do both. He loves passing on his knowledge to the students and feels that what is more important is learning from them. When asked what he likes most about teaching, he said it is the interaction with motivated and dedicated adults trying to learn; “Nothing makes me happier than when the light goes on for a student.”

A true life-long learner, John’s interests are varied; he says one day he might want to learn how to plant apple trees, and the next might be designing a city’s infrastructure. When he’s not out shooting or adding to his own education, John splits his time between Las Vegas and his cabin in Michigan. An avid hockey fan, he enjoys going to as many games as possible, particularly to watch the Detroit Red Wings or the Las Vegas Golden Knights. He and his wife have three rescue dogs who keep him on his toes, and his idea of a perfect day is spent in his cabin playing with them.