Title: Faculty, School of Firearms Technology

Highest degree and school: BA, Business, Texas A&M University

Teaching at SDI since: 2019

Kingsley Boatright teaches Introduction to Firearms and Shooting Sports Management in the School of Firearms Technology. A gunsmith since the age of nineteen and a license-to-carry instructor in the state of Texas since she was 21, she spent over four years working as a full time gunsmith for a small shop, specializing in many different areas such as trigger jobs, threading barrels, and refinishing stocks. After graduating with her business degree, Kingsley currently works as a relocation consultant for a large moving and worldwide relocation company in her home state of Texas and continues to practice the gunsmithing trade as much as she can. In addition to teaching for SDI, Kingsley is also an NRA pistol instructor and maintains her LTC instructor certification.

Kingsley came to SDI because she is very passionate about gunsmithing and wanted to be able to teach others the skills needed to pursue gunsmithing as a career, noting “it can be difficult to find a good gunsmith.” She says the thing she enjoys most about teaching is being able to help others gain more knowledge and skills about firearms and gunsmithing, whether they are wanting to start a business or just learn more in general.

When not teaching, Kingsley does CrossFit and Camp Gladiator workouts to help train for Spartan races, three-gun matches, and Run and Gun matches. Her idea of a perfect day would be going for a morning crossfit workout and then spending the day at home with her husband, son, and cats and dogs on the couch. She also enjoys watching college football, trying new craft beer locations with family and friends, and fishing off the Texas coast. Given the time, Kingsley says she would love to learn more about project management and become a certified PMP.