Close up of kip carpenter wearing an SDI polo and smiling


Master Gunsmith

SDI Time

SDI Faculty since 2015

Courses Taught

BBS 100: Basic Ballistics

BBS 200: Advanced Ballistics

FTT 100: Introduction to Firearms

FTT 104: Gunsmithing Tools Lab

FTT 111: Firearms Inspection and Troubleshooting

FTT 114: Custom Kydex Lab

FTT 201: Firearms Finishes and Engraving

FTT 210: Customizing and Woodworking

FTT 211: Stock Refinishing and Metal Work Lab

FTT 214: Hand Checkering Lab

FTT 221: Sights, Optics, and Accuracy  

FTT 231: Machining and Manufacturing of Firearms    

FTT 240: Shooting Sports Management

*FTT 299: Firearms Technology Elective


Associate’s – High Tech Institute

Graduate of two Gunsmithing schools

Professional Background

High Risk Security

Dignitary Protection Agent

Gunsmithing since the age of 14

Owned and Operated three gunsmith / firearms shops

Professional Group Memberships, Certificates & Certifications

Certified Professional Gunsmith

Practical gunsmithing



Rimfire rifles

Certified Barrett Rifle Armorer

Glock Armorer

Advanced Glock Armorer

NRA Pistol Instructor

NRA “Protection In The Home” Instructor

NRA “Metallic Cartridge Reloading Instructor”

NRA Shotgun Shell Reloading Instructor

Machine Shop Theory

And several law enforcement and security certifications      


My hobbies and interests include anything related to firearms. I like hunting, fishing, gold prospecting, and, of course, Cowboy Fast Draw competition. Plus enjoying life and mentoring students!