Lead Faculty

Highest degree and school:

Ed.D., Educational Leadership, University of Phoenix

Teaching at SDI since: 2023

Lynn DeSpain came to SDI with a vast range of experience almost tailored for her role as a Lead Faculty member. A former police officer, Lynn has extensive knowledge in firearms as well as a private pilot’s license. In addition to her role in the training and support of faculty, Lynn also teaches English at SDI. She holds a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Phoenix, a Master of Education focusing on adult education from Penn State, a Master of Arts in creative writing from Regis University, and a BA in English from U. Nevada Las Vegas.

Lynn’s favorite part of teaching is being able to share the gift of learning, which she reminds is “a gift that can never be taken away. Teaching allows me to be a guide to help others unlock doors that hold information and opportunities. Everything that we learn translates to other parts of our lives and continues to build value as we use and share knowledge.” She says she chose to work for SDI because of the warm and welcoming atmosphere from her earliest interactions with the school, coupled with the professionalism and accountability demonstrated by the staff: “It is a place that puts people first and excellence is at the forefront of everything that is done. I am fortunate to be part of such a stellar team of professionals.”

When she’s not teaching, Lynn enjoys traveling and scuba diving; she also loves reading (especially Stephen King), cooking, and working in the yard. She loves learning about the physics of flight and wants to earn her dual engine and instrument ratings as a pilot. Her perfect day would be spent at the beach with her daughter and dogs.